The Church of The Fall is one man’s attempt to do justice to Mark E. Smith and his group The Fall. It’s like trying to do justice to Beethoven in an hour but I’m doing it for the kids raised on tales of Oasis’s greatness – they weren’t even the greatest group to come out of Greater Manchester.

The show celebrates the late writer, singer and working-class genius Mark E. Smith but it’s not just about him, or his alleged pyrotechnical personality. OK, Mark E. Smith was likely ‘no Mandela’ but could Mandela have given us Spoilt Victorian Child?

Before converting to atheism at 21, I was a Christian. I miss the love and certainty of the faithful; this show is about the need to believe in something greater than us all and that thing is The Fall.

Expect music, love and laughs. It’s said Fall fans live in the ‘cult of The Fall’ but this music, this art is too divine for a cult – The Fall is a broad church. You don’t have to love The Fall to enjoy my show, you just need to love music. Come one, come all, to the Church Of The Fall (FREE ENTRY for ex-Fall members).