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Stephen G Titley humbly presents The (MIGHTY © John Peel) Fall. 

The Fall, a Salford group, had its Genesis in 1976 with four friends: Una Baines, Martin Bramah, Tony Friel and the only constant member to this day, Mark E Smith. Named after La Chute (a novel by the absurdist philosopher and goalkeeper, Albert Camus) they grow stronger one 41 years, 50 plus members and 117 studio, live and compilation albums and sixty singles later.  

The Gideons leave Bibles in hotel rooms, believing that this will change your life. This show is my Gideon Bible “all the young groups know, all the young groups know, they can imitate, but I teach” (Mark E Smith 6:3, Hip Priest, Hex Enduction Hour).

Please come with me into the “wonderful and frightening world of The Fall’ where there will be stories, laughs and above all heavenly and joyous tunes.